Never work a day in your life.


December 5, 2012 by eimrick

Never work a day in your life.  As Pastors, parents, teachers, etc. we need to be preparing our students to live a life of absolute maximum impact for the Kingdom of God.  We often ask the question “what is God calling you to do?”, but we never have a plan to help students think through that answer well.  A mentor and dear friend of mine, Davis Taylor, offers insight into this when he suggests we look at 3 things (and has an assessment that helps you determine it ).  If we find an occupation that covers these 3 things, he (and I) would contend that you wouldn’t look at your occupation as work, but rather committment to a calling that you’re designed by the Creator to do.

So, what are these 3 things?

1.  Understand your Passion. (Motivation)

When you wake up in the morning, what drives you?  What gets you excited?  What gives you that hop in the step?  Usually that “thing” is something bigger than yourself and is something that would be a dream that you would want to give your life to.

2.  Be honest about your gift sets. (Abilities)

What are you especially good at doing?  What gifts do you bring to the table?  Sometimes these competencies are hidden from others or buried within you and you need to explore them (trial and error).  What classes are you getting the good grades in?  What classes absolutely drain you?  What areas do you know you could contribute to a team?

3.  Look at how you relate to others/find out how others perceive you (Personality)

Davis talks about this personality style as “two sides of a coin”.  You might assume you come across differently than you really do.  Your personality might not reflect your passions and gifts sets.

Take a look at these 3 overlapping circles.  In each circle write one of each of the following words; Motivation, Abilities, Personality.  The overlapping center would be your “strike zone”.


A person is best in their wheelhouse and understands their “reason for existence”, when they’re able to integrate the best of their Motivations, Abilities and Personality into what they are doing.

Imagine having a job that you are passionate about, but you’re also good at doing and the people around you confirm all of this in you.  It can happen.  It’s not a pipe dream.

So, I bring up my friend Davis Taylor.  He runs an organization called TAI and has an assessment out there that is the best assessment I’ve ever seen in helping young people figure out what what fingerprint they can uniquely have on this world.

Take a look at  Spend less than 50 bucks and take this assessment.  If you want, I’d even talk with you about the results.  It can change the trajectory of your whole life and if you’re looking at colleges and majors, it could be the most important 45 minutes you can invest.


One thought on “Never work a day in your life.

  1. ucipher says:

    In order to get the $49 price please go to Facebook and “Like” the page. In the about information you will find a code that will give you that price. Otherwise, the normal cost is $59.

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