Prayer requests directly from a youth pastor in Newtown, CT


December 19, 2012 by eimrick

We are all still reeling from the school shooting that happened this past weekend.  This afternoon, I had the privilege of talking with a youth pastor from Newtown, CT.  He works with children and teenagers in his community just minutes from where the shooting happened.

There was a lot that he and I talked and prayed about.  Here are a few of the prayer requests that he said that I could feel free to share.

1.  For his personal healing.  Help him find joy in suffering.

2.  Many of the families in their church were friends or associates with victims families. 

3.  That God would use this tragedy for His Glory.  Provide a spiritual awakening in the town.

4.  The town is crawling with media and it’s proving difficult to try and live any semblance of normal living.

5.  The church wants to help and is trying to find their role in the healing process.

6.  There were kids from the youth group that had recently gone off to college that had known Adam Lanza.

7.  Healing for kids and teens who are trying to reconcile so much during this time.

8.  For Christmas joy.  Newtown is a town that always makes a big deal of Christmas and many people have taken down decorations because of the guilt they feel for celebrating.

9.  How to address the youth group kids in the coming days, weeks, months.

10. Wisdom for the youth ministry network of 8 guys in the area.

I’d encourage you to take a moment to pray for these 10 requests.  Feel free to post in the comment page any encouragement that you’d like to share with him.  I’ll be emailing him this post.


21 thoughts on “Prayer requests directly from a youth pastor in Newtown, CT

  1. Rick says:

    I did pray through your list. Thanks, Rick.

      • Father in the Name of Jesus you are an all seeing and all knowing Father God, At this moment in time I lift before you all the families from Newton, each family separately and each person separately, for the mental and emotional healing of the trauma, Bring strength to them as they walk through this valley and comforts by your Holy Spirit to each and all together in Jesus Name! Come and touch the whole town of Newton and it’s people, bring the healing by the hand of your holy child Jesus. Help them to grieve in grace, to know you catch every tear and to ask themselves what would my child, being where they are want me to do! Father pour out the Spirit of Grace on the people. Give wisdom to the Body of Christ that is ministering to them, and to the Pastors in Newton! Your hand is mighty and powerful to heal and restore your people. Bring a revival in the middle of the tears and let the people refocus and gather themselves around you the only solution and only answer to all things! Father once again your are a God of restoration and restitution, you understand the feelings the emotions the after affect. We ask for the peace that surpasses the understanding for each person in Newton! Bring the balm of Gilead to the emptiness that lies in the hearts and souls of the towns people and fill the hearts with the manifested love of the Father—-the crucified and resurrected Lamb of God who loves them dearly! Overwhelm them into your healing arms of love! Give the people from the media wisdom and cause them to respect the families enough to remove themselves form there to give them space just to be! Restore and revive!! Peace be still to all! In Jesus Name!. Amen! this is my prayer friends! I will continue to pray for you! .

      • eimrick says:

        Thank you for this! I’ll be in touch with him shortly and will pass this along. Keep in touch as I’ll update this soon.

  2. Done – and printed for the future. Thanks for bringing us in on it!

  3. Rick, Can I repost this list on my Simply Youth Ministry blog? This is great.

    Stephanie Caro

  4. Jonathan Hale says:

    Wow. What “real” needs that I probably wouldn’t have even thought about– Number 8, specifically. I have prayed for each of these. My heart hurts with him and for his town as a fellow brother in Christ. Thanks for posting this and letting us in on these needs of a colleague in the middle of this tragedy. God hears and God will answer, I’m sure.

    • eimrick says:

      I agree. I wouldn’t have thought of that one either. My heart was breaking for him. It’s hard to minister to others when you yourself are struggling. I’m committing to pray for those pastors who are called to go through this difficult time. Thanks for the post and feel free to spread the word.

  5. […] This is copied directly from […]

  6. Thank you for sharing! I head up a youth minister support group in Nashville, Youth Pastors Anonymous. We would love to help however we can. Email me if you have any specifics or if it would be worth connecting with their group. Will definitely share this with ours. Thank you!!!

    People often forget to minister to those who minister. Thank you for doing that!

    • eimrick says:

      Thanks for the reply. What is that “support group” entail? How often do you meet? I very much have a heart to care for those who are leading others. We have much in common there. We should connect some time. My sister lives in Mt. Juliet and I visit each year.

  7. liz says:

    praying! thank you for sharing these specific requests. cannot fathom the pain in the midst of it all.

    • eimrick says:

      thanks for praying. I plan on keeping this a bit updated considering how many people have been responding. Feel free to follow for awhile. Again, I appreciate it.

  8. Jason C. Stanley says:

    thanks for sharing, will reblog to share with others.

  9. Jason C. Stanley says:

    Reblogged this on Together and commented:
    A post regarding prayers for a youth pastor in Newtown, CT. Please take a few moments to read and pray.

  10. Praying and will always Pray!! thanks for sharing these specific requests..

  11. Great, thanks for keeping them in your prayers. It’s the best thing we can do from our various parts of the country.
    Prayer Requests Online

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