10 “hidden gem” youth ministry blogs that should be followed in 2013


January 6, 2013 by eimrick

In 2013 consider following the following youth ministry blogs for creative ideas and greater networking.

Shantae Charles- http://www.legsclosedmindopen.blogspot.com/
Shantae Charles started this blog for teen girls in response to their questions. They inbox her, and she writes an article on the subject. Her tag line is “If you won’t tell it, let me tell it”. As you read her blog, you’ll see this is evident throughout each posting. Her heart for young girls permeates through every word and every posting.

Brent Lacy- http://www.Ministryplace.net
Brent has a heart for rural student ministry and devotes his whole life to this calling. He even has a book by that same title. MinistryPlace.Net is a Blog that looks at how we do ministry as churches and asks the tough questions. His site is a place to stay current on Leadership, Technology, and Culture. He has a passion to prepare students to make critical life choices that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Austin McCann- http://www.Austinmccann.com

Austin is a young, hungry leader. He’s active in the social networking world and has his finger on the pulse of current trends and loves to write about leadership development as well as many practical ideas for running a successful ministry. He regularly posts on other people’s blogs so if you’re looking for feedback, comment on his postings and he’ll be sure to do the same thing for you.

Josh Evans http://joshhevans.com
Josh is passionate about student ministry, and impacting the lives of students and youth leaders. You can join Josh in his journey of understanding God’s calling on his own life as writing helps him articulate and gain clarity. He especially likes blogging about parenting, social media and all things youth ministry.

Dan Adams- http://www.danieljfadams.wordpress.com
Dan is new to the blogging world, but brings 10years of ministry experience with him. His first post entitled “the purpose of pastor to parent” will tell you what kind of contribution he’ll be bringing to the blog world. His goal is to write as if he’s sitting across the table at Starbucks with you. I think you’ll find that to be true.

Heather Campbell- http://heatherleacampbell.me/
Heather is only 22 years old and has a passion that can’t help but flow out in every conversation. In addition to working with youth in a churched setting, she took on positions in residential facilities, working with unchurched at-risk youth. She is dedicated to reaching cross-culturally, cross-generationally, and cross-gender to create a theologically-rich and discipleship-centered youth ministry culture. Youth ministry isn’t just her career, but her lifestyle. Heather is also a contributor at youthmin.org.

Kenny and Elle Campbell- https://stuffyoucanuse.org/
Stuff you can use is a community sharing high quality ideas and resources for youth ministry. It’s a blog and a shop – everything free or under $10. There are plenty of creative ideas from “real life angry bird games” to “house plant for a walk holiday game”. Stuff you can use is their contribution to that movement of greater unity and partnership in the body of Christ. Their site will get your creative juices flowing.

Matthew McNutt- http://matthewmcnutt.com/
Matthew has a heart for family, ministry and personal health. God gave him a very unique platform by giving him an opportunity to be a contestant on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. His blog is an inspiration and encouragement to not only people in youth ministry, but those who really have a desire to “take care of the temple” that God gave them. Youth Pastors as well as many people in other aspects of life frequent his blog and you should too!

Joe Valenti- http://www.joevalenti.me/
Joe is a gifted musician, a gifted writer and a gifted speaker. He is a youth pastor, worship leader, theatre major and frequent blogger. If you want to read about deep theological issues, current trends in music or general youth ministry ideas, this is a blog for you to check out. Download his latest album from links on this site.

Todd Ianetta- http://toddiannetta.com/
Todd wants the gospel of Jesus Christ to act as deep root system that transforms every part of his life and ministry. He is currently the lead youth pastor over a multi-site youth ministry so he really is on much of the cutting edge of what is going on in church programming. He’s the first guy to tell you that he doesn’t have all the answers, but God is working powerfully in his ministry. If multi-site ministry is of interest to you, his should be a blog that you bookmark for the coming months and years.

Post other youth ministry blogs in the comment page.


5 thoughts on “10 “hidden gem” youth ministry blogs that should be followed in 2013

  1. DanielJFAdams says:

    I may be a bit biased, but I think this is a good list – I’m looking forward to some good reading. Thanks for passing these along!

  2. […] 10 “hidden gem” youth ministry blogs that should be followed in 2013. […]

  3. eimrick says:

    Follow this blog as well. I meant to highlight this one and simply overlooked the fact that it wasn’t on the list. On top of being a full time pastor, Josh does limited speaking engagements. Following his blog is worthwhile as he has much valuable insight, but he also gives FREE STUFF on Fridays. Follow him and let’s make it 11 blogs instead of 10. I’ll be highlighting more “lesser known blogs” in the future and will his will be sure to be the top of the list!

  4. Austin McCann says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Honored to be on this list with some other great student ministry leaders!


  5. How come I just saw this! 🙂 I got a “referrer” from it and clicked… very cool! This is a solid list of people who i already follow, and people I’m about to follow! Thanks for including me! 🙂

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