This IS who you are!


January 10, 2013 by eimrick

Kate Beese is serving with us this school year and wrote this poem for Joe Valenti’s message this past Sunday at CVC. Please read this, be encouraged, and remember who you are.  Thank you, Kate.  You are wise beyond your years. Follow her blog at

Child of God

Your dad read you stories.

Your dad worked from home.

Your dad was an alcoholic.

Your dad loved your mom.

Your dad was a staunch provider.

Your dad was passive.

Your dad didn’t make a lot of money.

Your dad played outside with you.

Your dad told you to man up.

Your dad cried.

Your dad left.

Your dad took you to football games.

Your dad was a doctor.

Your dad was a pastor.

Your dad was a jerk.

Your dad loved the Yankees.

Your dad was quiet.

Your dad wanted you to go to college.

Your dad read you stories.

Once upon a time there was a good king who had twelve daughters who were very beautiful.


Once upon a time there was a poor woodcutter who worked hard to care for his family.
Once upon a time there was a good man who married a woman who was very beautiful but very cruel and his children would suffer the consequences.
Once upon a time—your dad messed up.
And whatever he did, whether it was something big or small
Your little heart realized that he was not God.
Because God doesn’t mess up.
But now instead of viewing people through the lens of perfect God, we tend to view God through the broken lens of broken people.
And that only gives us a broken God.
But God is not broken.
And while you may be the child of a broken man, you also have the chance to be the child of a great and powerful God.
He made us with His hands out of the dust of His words.
He breathed into our mouths and our lungs said His name.
He is the beginning of us and the end of us.
The first song and the last battle.
He holds us in the palm of His hand
Yet we think we can live without Him.
We think that we are important.
We think that we can get by with our dads who read us stories
Once upon a time in a far away land
When we neglect the God who wrote our story
right here, right now, in our destined place in history.
But while we continually push Him away
He bridged the gap with His own beloved Son,
The Son who survived death to take us home.
So that we could be adopted and made equal with Himself.
While we wander this broken earth wishing for beauty,
Wishing for belonging,
Wishing for something bigger, deeper, more,
Making temporary homes for ourselves so that we feel less like vagabonds and homeless children
And more like we are in control of something.
But how can we be in control when the weather can so easily ruin our day?
We can’t even predict the weather
None the less control it.
But we can be a child of the One who breathes perfect storms
And He can pick up the pieces of ruined days and use them to change lives.
And when I think that God, His son not sparing,
Sent Him to die
I scarce can take it in.
That on the cross
My burden gladly bearing
He bled and died
To take away my sin.
So that we could be called Children of God.
Sons and daughters of the Father of Lights.
Shining on this broken world like stars in the universe,
knowing that we are only vagabonds for now
But we have a permanent home with a Father who will never break our hearts
And will never hide His face from us.
So rejoice!
Brothers and sisters, be glad!
Because we are brothers and sisters!
Because He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and we have the chance to be a part of that estate.
Adopted into the family and equal with the beloved son.
Because He chose us.
Because we can be the children of a Father who does not just tell stories,
He writes stories and His words come to life.
Because we can be the children of a God who sings over us.
Adopted by the God who is love Himself.
Brothers and sisters,
Did your dad make you afraid?
Because perfect love casts out fear.
Was your dad weak?
Because perfect love fights injustice.
Did your dad fail, brothers and sisters?
Because my dad claims to love God but he laughed when I told Him God is real.
But God is real and perfect.
And it is time to stop looking at God through the lens of broken man.
It is time to come to Him with all of the good things you have ever done dripping off of you in a filthy, gory mess
And God takes that and drapes the white robe of Jesus Christ over you
So that you can look good
So that you can be clean.
So that you can feel like you belong with the rest of the family.
Who are you, brothers and sisters?
What is your identity?
What do you spend your days maintaining?
Because once upon a time—you are not your suit and tie.
You are not the job you have, or the car you drive.
You are not a number on the scale, a number on a card, a social security number, or a number waiting in the deli line at Heinen’s.
You are not how many kids you have, their GPA’s, your GPA, or how good you are at baseball.
You are not your singing voice, your speaking ability, or your organic foods.
You are not an introvert or an extrovert.
You are not what you eat.
You are not your failures or your achievements.
You are not the mistakes you have made, your eating disorder, your gambling problem,
You are not your alcoholism, or your lies, or how many Bible verses you have memorized.
You are an image bearer of The Most High God, chosen to be adopted into His family.
It’s time to live like that, brothers and sisters. It’s time to live like God’s your dad and you’re here to love Him until you get to go home to a great inheritance.
To a Father God who sings over you.
To a Fellow Son, a Brother who died to share with you.
Because happily ever after begins when you go home to dad.
Are you children of The Most High God, my brothers and sisters?
Others can tell, you know.
They can see when you look like your Father.

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written by Kate Beese and shared with her permission.



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