Vice President of AMG Bible Publishing, Dale Anderson, guest blogs on leadership


March 25, 2013 by eimrick

Over the past couple of months I’ve been spending time pursuing faithful men in key leadership roles to see if they would guest blog for this site.  I’ve had a lot of great response from some great leaders and so it’s going to turn into a fairly lengthy series.

I’ve known Dale Anderson for a very long time. Dale worked for a supplier for vending machines, got hired at AMG bible publishing as a janitor and has been serving there for close to 30 years now.  It’s amazing to see how God has raised him up to be a leader in the publishing world. He’s worked with Tim LaHaye, Spiro Zodhiates (President Emeritus), and numerous other authors. You can go directly to their website here.  In fact, like me, many of you have probably utilized their Hebrew-Greek Study Bible on multiple occasions. It’s an honor to have Dale Anderson share truths with us on leadership.

Dale Anderson

Read what he has to say to young leaders about leadership.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”. This quote came into my life as a young man training for work in Christian ministry. As I matured in the faith and gained more life experience I realized how true this statement is. It is true in government, the church, at home, in business, it applies to all aspects of life. We all can tell stories of great leadership in our lives and remember stories of leadership failures.
When I was growing up in Canada, my Dad taught me how to plow snow. I sometimes felt that he was too hard on me, but In the end I was able to do it quite well. When I could not see the road because of blowing snow he would instruct me to “keep it between the telephone poles”. In our Christian walk sometimes we cannot see what lies ahead on the road we travel. God helps us by placing markers or leaders along the way, “telephone poles”, if you will, to help with that journey. What makes a great leader? What makes a great Pastor? What makes a great Youth Pastor? What makes a great Father or Husband? What makes a great boss? What makes a great President? When I look back at all the great leaders in my life including my Dad I think of the many different qualities each portrayed in their life. Each one exhibited certain traits that, I believe, great and effective leaders all have in common.
A good leader must instruct. Do you, as a leader, know how to do the given task, job or assignment? Great leaders are patient in giving detailed instructions and lending a helpful hand when necessary.
A good leader must correct. Do you give constructive criticism? And more importantly, can you take good constructive criticism and are you willing to correct yourself? It is not always “my way or the highway”. Everyone must do the task, the leader most of all. And being responsible for his people, he must take into consideration their unique talents, gifts, and personalities. No man is an island, a good leader must be willing to constructively change the direction of those in his care, and listen with love and discernment to those suggesting he change his own direction.
A good leader must challenge. All of us need to be pushed a bit to reach our potential. Most people are not self starters and we need a bit of encouragement to go beyond the status quo. We have so much ability to be stretched and in that process we realize all the talents that have been put into us by our creator. A good leader believes in his people and pushes them to go beyond and to explore all of their gifts and abilities.
A good leader must encourage. We all need encouragement and an “Atta boy” every once in a while. Everyone needs a kind, encouraging word. My mother always told me I could become whatever God put into my heart to become. She was always in my corner giving me positive reinforcement. A strong leader has kind encouragement stored up for his people.
A good leader must inspire. You will know when you have been truly inspired, and you will feel it in your soul. Great leaders are inspirational and cast a vision that people want to follow. People want to buy into their cause. A great leader has great ideas that are worth buying into.
Our greatest example of leadership comes from Jesus Christ found in the Scriptures. In the Gospels He instructed, corrected, challenged, encouraged, and inspired His disciples. Through this whole process he inspired the disciples to become “fishers of men” and started a movement that changed the course of history.

Next week we will hear from Pastor Rick Duncan of Cuyahoga Valley Church. He is an active blogger and really has a heart for church planting and seeing young leaders be all they can be for Christ.

I hope this series is an encouragement to you.


2 thoughts on “Vice President of AMG Bible Publishing, Dale Anderson, guest blogs on leadership

  1. Aaron Helman says:

    In youth ministry, I’d say we’re often lacking this:

    “Great leaders are patient in giving detailed instructions…”

    Thanks for the post Dale (and Rick!).

    • eimrick says:

      Thanks, Aaron. It’s so much easier to do things ourselves sometimes, but delegating and equipping is always key. I appreciated that same quote.

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