Guest blogger, Davis Taylor, writes to Emerging Leaders

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April 17, 2013 by eimrick

Davis is founder and leader of TAI Incorporated. He has over thirty years experience in organizations ranging from a high-tech start-up company to Fortune 50 corporations, where he provided vision and leadership to drive growth in challenging business environments, start-up ventures and turn-around situations. Davis served four years as a U.S. Army Officer and is a graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South  Carolina.

Davis Taylor

Along with all this vast experience, Davis is also a published author of the book The Imperfect LeaderHe has a unique heart for investing in the next generation, has mentored numerous young men and has been active in his local church ministry for years.  Read what Davis has to say to emerging leaders.


During my lifetime I’ve experienced many types of leaders. No doubt you’ve had similar experiences. Personal observation revealed that a few leaders were great and some were good—but the vast majority either didn’t understand the essence of true leadership or chose not to embrace it.


Being totally honest about my own effectiveness as a leader, I admit that my own leadership was sometimes less effective than I believed, and was usually far from transformational.


If you are an aspiring or emerging leader who desires to be transformational, here are some things to think about:


  • Leadership is not about you—it is about aspiring to and achieving a purpose or cause greater than yourself, for the benefit and well-being of those you lead and the communities you serve. It’s about bringing value to others rather than seeking your own advancement, wealth, privilege or power. It’s about making the world a better place.


  • Results matter—leaders exist to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Position and titles are worthless unless the leader uses them to bring about results that can be observed and measured. Leadership is not about enjoying status and privilege. It is about delivering results.


  • Do what you love doing and do what you are good at doing. You are wired in a particular way, unique to you. Use your talents, skills, natural abilities and passions to tackle the work you love doing, to impact causes you care about. Don’t waste time trying to be who you aren’t or taking on tasks you aren’t interested in.


  • Character counts—it’s who you are on the inside that determines what people see on the outside. If you want to lead and have people follow, it is imperative you live the values—i.e. do the right thing in all circumstances. People don’t follow leaders they don’t trust and they don’t trust leaders who don’t live the values.


  • You can only control what you can control—in layman’s terms this means you can only control you. Nothing and no one is under your control but you. Position, title and rank do not enable real control. You cannot control others… but you can earn authority which enables you to influence the behaviors and actions of others.


  • Humility precedes glory— Humility is a full appreciation of your talents, coupled with the realization that your abilities are gifts, and that those gifts are given for the benefit of others. When others observe you using your talent and ability for their benefit, they naturally respond with loyalty, contributing their best efforts for mutual achievement. Furthermore, humility is not poor self-image—on the contrary, humility brings to light counterfeit aspects of our lives so that we may live authentically to the full extent of our capabilities and effectiveness. True humility enables us to be comfortable with ourselves—to actually be ourselves.


  • You cannot out-give …period. Think about it.


My sincere hope is that aspiring and emerging leaders will accept the necessity for and challenge to individual transformation—the kind of personal change that enables leaders to become a vital force in transforming our world.

Will you accept the challenge?

Next week, Pastor Richard Leland will be sharing his insights as well.  He has been an instructor with Walk Thru the Bible and for ten years was their Director for International Training, conducting training seminars in 35 countries.



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