9th Grader, Anthony, gives parents 10 ideas on how to help 8th graders transition to highschool

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April 30, 2013 by eimrick

Anthony talked to 9th graders in his class and they came up with a list of 10 ways parents can help their 8th grader transition into 9th grade.

1. Begin to trust your 9th grader to make more decisions. They’re not a child any more.

2. Don’t lash out in anger at your student. They already have a lot of stress!

3. Be your student’s biggest cheerleader. Go to the things they’re involved in.

4. Offer to help with homework. You get a lot more of it in 9th grade than 8th!

5. When you begin to trust them, give them more freedom.

6. Hold your student accountable to get things done and encourage them when they do it.

7. Listen to your high school student. We may not always talk, but offer to listen anyway.

8. Sometimes we miss being kids. Your student really does want to spend time with you.

9. Help your student figure out what they’re good at. Don’t be the American Idol parent who tells their kid they can

sing when they really have a crappy voice.

10. 9th grade can be scary. Love your student! Be supportive! Help them make home a place that they can enjoy.



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