Motus Youth Worker Network is gaining steam!


May 16, 2013 by eimrick


Youth Pastors and other full-time Christian leaders who work in a church need better community. I can’t tell you how often that I hear from pastors about how lonely they are. Working at a larger church like CVC has its advantages in that area.

I remember being a youth pastor at a much smaller church in the Cleveland area and really wishing I had a context to meet with other young church leaders in the area for the encouragement that I so desperately longed for. Since that time in 2001, I purposed that some day I’d try to address this need for other young guys.

About a year ago, I met with 3 guys at a local Panera. The next time we had 8 guys. Those two meetings have served as a platform for our next 3 gatherings where we’ve had 33 youth workers, 61 youth workers and this past Tuesday, 72 youth workers. Our next luncheon will be Tuesday, September 17th at Christ Community Church in Hudson and I believe it could be the biggest one yet.

So obviously, the name of the network is Motus. Motus is the latin word for “a movement”. So, simply put, Motus is a movement of youth workers in Northeast, Ohio. Since all cool grassroots movements have latin words attached to them, I thought I’d take the same approach.

So, what is Motus about?

Mission: We exist to provide general care and encouragement to 100% of full-time youth workers in greater Cleveland.
Strategy: Quarterly luncheons hosted by different churches for training, encouragement, prayer
Measures (how we’ll be judging success): Are leaders leaving encouraged? Are relationships forming outside of the quarterly meetings? Are people networking their gifts with other ministries? Are ministries being changed and shaped by these gatherings?
Values: God Dependence, Networked leaders, Equipped Leadership, Established Community, Commitment to Next Generation

This past week, Mel Walker of Vision for Youth came and spoke about the importance of linking generations and did an incredible job. You can read his guest blog here. After our luncheon, he also came and recorded a podcast on the same topic. You can listen to it on the CVC website. Click on “Linked Generations” here.

In this picture, the youth worker on the bottom right corner was caught getting ready to throw a wrapper into someone’s drink. Bonus points for the person who can name who he is.

Motus luncheon Parma Heights

I’m curious as to what you think makes a great youth network. What would you add? What would you do differently?


3 thoughts on “Motus Youth Worker Network is gaining steam!

  1. […] You can also read more about Motus from Rick Eimers, Youth Pastor at Cuyahoga Valley Church, at […]

  2. DanielJFAdams says:

    Rick – it’s exciting to see what God is doing. And to think, this is only the beginning!

  3. […] was able to hear from Mel at a Motus Gathering. Motus is a movement of youth pastors and youth workers from all over the greater Cleveland, OH area. We […]

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